Due to personal reasons, I am closing my practice effective

July 1, 2016.

Till then, I am only seeing existing clients; I will not be taking any

new clients, no discounts, no referrals.

Are you planning a special life event ceremony in beautiful

South Lake Tahoe?


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We must have thanked you a thousand times, but it still doesn't seem like that's enough. Thanks again for the graceful, thoughtful and friendly way you presided at our wedding ceremony. We've talked about it and we are convinced that even the gusty wind went still while you were speaking. We are very fortunate to have found you.

J.S. and A.S. San Francisco, CA

Words cannot express how much it meant to have your professionalism, strength and wonderful energy present at our ceremony. We touched every individual and made our bonding moment exquisite. Thanks again for the care and patience you put into making our day unforgettably special.

Deborah and Christine, San Antonio, TX

What a very beautiful ceremony. You have a very needed and extremely appreciated business. It was wonderful to be with someone like you at our wedding. Thank you for a very memorable day. You were so nice to work with.

Juanita and Lauri, San Francisco, CA

The perfect day, a beautiful ceremony and a wonderful person to provide the passages. Thank you for everything. Everyone felt at ease with you right away. Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile, leaving footprints in our hearts and we are never the same. You are an amazing soul. You are at the top of our recommended list for services.

Rickina and Mitch, Sacramento, CA

Rosemary's time with us on the telephone to set up our ceremony long distance was terrific.. we truly felt very at ease and comfortable.. we loved every aspect of our ceremony.. being able to create it our way was the best!

C.P. and M.P., Phoenix, AZ

Did I thank you for the fantastic job you did on the most important day of my life? A lot of people who wrote thank you notes wondered who was that warm, articulate and most of all vibrant woman? I let everyone know who you were. Thank you, Rosemary, for making the dedication of life ceremony a very memorable one.

A. E., South Lake Tahoe, CA

What can we say but thank you so much for making our day so special. It wouldn't have been so beautiful without you. Thank you so much for making it happen after all of the confusion. Thank you for the beautiful words and for the most beautiful ceremony. We will remember it and you forever. It was magical.

Heather and Joni, Portland, OR

We can't say enough how grateful we were to have Rosemary be a part of our wedding. She created such a loving, warm environment and was an island of calm and sanity during the whole process. She was so helpful in providing a wide range of wonderful readings and vows to tailor a truly unique and special ceremony. We love you Rosemary! Thank you so much!

-Robin and Misty, 12/17/11, Santa Cruz, CA

Rosemary did a great job.. I liked Rosemary coming over the night before to go over everything.. I would truly recommend Rosemary.

L.B. & J.M., Tracy, CA

Our wedding was beautiful..we liked the vows that seemed to be written just for us.

R.B. & L.E., Turlock, CA

We were grateful to be able to do our ceremony the way we wanted to...your encouragement helped with that.

M.G. & D.K., Davis, CA


Are you planning a special life event ceremony in beautiful South Lake Tahoe? As a celebrant, consider what I can give you. Rather than being affiliated with one traditional faith, I can provide you a more versatile experience. Whether it is a religious or nonreligious wedding, a same-sex commitment ceremony, a celebration of life or memorial service, I can help you create a ceremony that is both personal and unique. As a humanist celebrant, I can help you create a ceremony that will honor different traditions, as well as different cultures.

Ritual and ceremony adds new dimensions to our lives, offering us a true richness that marks profound events. Together, we will honor new beginnings, cherished memories and the sacred in all things.

Rather than a minister who spends very little time getting to know the couple, arriving at the ceremony five minutes before it begins, offering a non-personal service and leaves, I offer something quite different. No matter what kind of ceremony you would like, I strive to eliminate as much stress as possible. I offer:

      • reasonable rates
      • plenty of communication by phone and/or email
      • no memorization of vows necessary
      • a comprehensive questionnaire that will give me valuable information to help create your special ceremony
      • momento notebook of your ceremony


    Wedding/Commitment Ceremony Packages

      Love at the Lake - $300

      Payment Amount
          I will provide you with a comprehensive wedding/commitment ceremony questionnaire that will give me valuable information to help you create your unique ceremony.     Download and fill out this Wedding and Sacred Union Questionnaire. - Save this file to your computer, open and complete then email back to tahoehealthtouch@gmail.com
    •      Through the PayPal link you pay a non-refundable $75 deposit that will hold the day and time of your ceremony
    •    After receiving your completed questionnaire and your deposit, I will email you three items;
    • A suggested timeline for your ceremony
    • Components of a wedding
    • Samples of each component of a wedding
    •    Then, in the privacy of your own home, you can decide which samples you would like included in your ceremony, which you will then send back to me via email. I will then create the rough draft of your ceremony and send it to you via email. Through our email/phone communication, we will make whatever changes are necessary in your ceremony
    •    We will meet the day before your BIG DAY to review your ceremony and have the rehearsal (30 minutes). The remaining balance ($225) either through PayPal, personal check or cash is required at this time
    •    While reviewing your ceremony with you on the day before your ceremony,     I can provide you a 30 minute EFT session to help calm nerves and de-stress
    •    Then your BIG DAY. I will spend about one hour, which includes getting to the location about 15 to 20 minutes early, then officiating the ceremony. I will leave you with a beautiful notebook, which houses the written version of your ceremony.

    Majestic Blue - $100

    This is for the couple who would like a friend or family member to be the celebrant, but needs some ideas of what should be included in the ceremony.

       After receiving your completed questionnaire and your payment, I will email:


  1. Can you help with other wedding services? My services only include a personalized ceremony. However, here is a link that can help you with the other components of your ceremony. tahoebest.com

    Do you travel to a ceremony site? I perform ceremonies in the greater South Lake Tahoe, CA, area.

  2. California Public Marriage Licenses

    A Public California Marriage License may be obtained at any county clerk  in the State of California. The price and hours of each office varies from county to county. If this is a second marriage and you have been divorced less than two years, some counties may require proof of termination. These licenses are valid anywhere in the State of California and require one witness. If they expire before you get married, a new license must be purchased.

    The clerk in South Lake Tahoe requires:

    • Divorce papers only if a divorce has been final for less than 90 days.
    • Both bride and groom must be present to purchase license
    • No blood test is required
    • No waiting period
    • Must be 18 years of age or older
    • Must present valid Official Photo Identification (drivers license, State ID, military ID, passport or other official identification)
    • You must be married within 90 days fr om purchase or purchase another license.

    California Confidential Marriage Licenses

    Confidential Licenses must be purchased in the county where the marriage occurs and these licenses are valid only in the county in which they are issued. These licenses are different from public licenses in that no information can be released without the written consent of at least one of the married partners. The fee is $53 in El Dorado County (2015).

    • Couple will sign the license that states that they have lived together as husband and wife.
    • No witnesses are required. Both bride and groom must be present to purchase license.


      El Dorado County - South Lake Tahoe Office:
      (530) 573-3409
      3368 Lake Tahoe Blvd., Suite 108,
      South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
      8:00 am - 11:30 am Monday through Friday
      1:00 pm - 4:30 pm Monday through Friday


    Want to discuss your plans?
    Contact me here. Or if you are coming to the area to meet with vendors, we can arrange to get together in person and discuss how I might be able to assist you.

    Other Ceremonies

    Whether you are planning a memorial service, an adoption ceremony, house blessing or any special life event ceremony, I can create a unique and personal ceremony. My fees are reasonable and are set at $80 per hour for preparation and the ceremony itself. For more specific information, please contact me and Contact me here and let me know your needs