"Great presentation...

wonderful information...

very useful...Rosemary is amazing and inspiring"

"Rosemary is a dynamic teacher...she is also warm, engaging and inclusive"

"Rosemary was flexible, knowledgeable and fun...her presentation included real life examples and I feel very positive about using the material in my own life"

"Rosemary is articulate, energetic, organized and inspiring - amazing"

"Rosemary's depth of human emotion and physical awareness is exceptional...good speaker, knowledgeable, great class"

"Rosemary was great, knowledgeable and very helpful - she holds great space for others and truly cares"

"I was deeply moved and empowered by your wonderful presentation. It did help me emotionally deal with my own real life challenge. I look forward to using your technique in my challenges to come. Thank you so much and blessings. You have a wonderful gift. It was enlightening to see and hear all the participants so open and honest truly willing to express their own needs."

"Very open, extremely intuitive, calm, yet bold when needed"

"I just wanted to take a moment today to say thanks for introducing me to the world of Tapping! It's been two months since our session and I know that the progress that I accomplished has allowed me to develop the confidence and understanding that I needed to move forward with making some positive changes in my life!" C. I., New Jersey

I was so glad to be able to experience the EFT and I have been using it from time to time. The retreat in whole was a great experience for me given the timing of my separation from my husband the day before the retreat. I needed this retreat badly. You were so kind and patient with me through my experience - I really appreciate it. I know there are no coincidences, so I know our paths were supposed to cross. I wish you well and thank you so much!
S.R., Rocklin, CA"

We were honored and blessed to have you as our guest speaker at our "Coming to the Quiet" women's retreat. Thank you for sharing your time and talents with us. Learning how we can live our lives more authentically is a great gift to us all. Learning to tap with EFT could be life changing for many of us! You are a beautiful woman and a gifted EFT practitioner. In deepest love and gratitude,
Judith Moore, Unity of the Sierras, Carson City Nevada "



Do I need to take EFT-

The Basics before I take other EFT workshops?

No, we review the tapping points in each workshop, so you will be comfortable with any workshop you take, regardless of your knowledge of EFT.

Can I retake a workshop?

Yes, many people retake the same workshop several times because there is so much information.

How can I pay for the workshop?

You may pay by cash, personal checks, debit & major credit cards.

Do I need to pre-register for a workshop?

Each workshop is different, please check workshop details on this page

Do I need to have a working knowledge of EFT before a workshop?

No, many people who take the workshops have never even heard of EFT.

What if I have an issue that I need to address, but I am not comfortable doing it in a workshop setting?

Phone sessions and
Private sessions are available



Corporations and Groups I have worked with

Barton Memorial Hospital
South Lake Tahoe CA

Carson Valley Medical Center
Minden NV

Embassy Suites
South Lake Tahoe CA

Center for Spiritual Living Reno NV

Afflac Iron Girl Triathlon

Balance Fitness Studio
Lake Tahoe, NV


Center for Spiritual Living
Tahoe City, CA


El Dorado County Family Care Support Services
Fall Caregivers Series
South Lake Tahoe, CA


California Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors
Rancho Cordova, CA


Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, University of Nevada, Reno


El Dorado County Court Appointed Special Advocate Program


Annual Convention for the National Association of Catering Executives


Smart Connections Renown Medical Center, Reno NV


Lake Tahoe Unified School District, South Lake Tahoe CA


Unity of the Sierras, Carson City, Nevada


Due to personal reasons, I am closing my practice effective July 1, 2016.

Till then, I am only seeing existing clients; I will not
be taking any new clients, no discounts, no referrals.

Learn EFT in a fun and safe workshop setting. This simple and effective technique can eliminate pain, anxiety and more. Learn how to balance your vibrational matrix by stimulating meridian points on the body while "tuning into" the problem in a gentle, conversational manner. No matter what kind of group I am working with, workshops are tailored to meet your specific needs. All workshops include:

  •   What EFT is and how it works
  •   The four simple components of doing EFT
  •   Power point presentation demonstrations
  •   Supervised practice
  •   Workbook/handouts
  •   Great resources


    Here are some of the standard workshops I offer:

    EFT: The Basics

    "What It Is - How To Do It - How It Can Help Me"


    EFT: Dealing with Pain and Illness

    "What Color Is Your Pain?"


    EFT: Laws of Attraction

    "Creating Abundance With EFT"


    EFT: Teaching Our Children How To Deal With Stress

    "Monsters Under The Bed"


    EFT: In the Workplace

    "Tapping Into Stress Reduction That You Can Rely On "

    CALENDAR | View Here >


    Your success as a manager is best measured in terms of the way your employees perform. Now you have the opportunity to offer your employees a leading edge empowerment technique that can help your employees perform at their best and giving your corporation an extraordinary advantage. About Emotional Freedom Technique) You can now offer your employees a tool that eliminates the stress and fear that often holds people back from being a productive employee.

    This is what Emotional Freedom Technique can provide:

    • Fear Reduction - EFT can eliminate the fear of speaking in public, so that employees can represent your corporation with clarity and confidence.
    • Conflict Resolution - Employees at every level are taught to eliminate those negative emotions such as anger and resentment that hinder positive communication in the workplace.
    • Improved Productivity - Decrease sick leave by offering your employees the opportunity to learn to decrease physical symptoms with EFT
    • Increased Morale - EFT will help create a work environment that has a high level of positive communication, happier employees and a better bottom line.

    Let me bring this amazing wellness program to your business. My background as a trainer blends compassion, humor, wisdom and experience so that each employee leaves our time together with practical knowledge on how to use EFT in virtually any situation.


      1. Each EFT workshop is tailored to meet your specific needs and includes:

      • An informative, on site, power point presentation
      • Notebook for each participant with handouts of power point presentation
      • Live Demonstrations
      • One-on-one supervised practice

      2. On-going one-on-one EFT sessions, designed to address the specific needs of your company and its employees.

    • Workshop Testimonials

    • Click to contact me for more information >


      Whether your organization is focused on service projects or a special interest, let me share the benefits of Emotional Freedom Technique with your membership. Speaking to your members will give them a great overview of EFT and how they can use it in their lives to feel better and destress.

      Here is what I can offer:

      • A fun, fast-paced overview of EFT
      • A power point presentation on how EFT works
      • Demonstrations to highlight the unique features of EFT
      • Handouts for all members so they can use EFT on their own

      Click here for the Public Speaking Testimonial page >

      Interested? Please take a moment to fill out my contact form below, which will give me some specifics on your organization and get our conversation going.

      I look forward to hearing from you and to speaking to your organization.